FBI’s Massive Take Down Of Booter Sites – Why VPN’s Are So Important

    U.S. Government Goes After Booters

    A few weeks ago the U.S. Justice department announced that the FBI along with other government agencies had seized 15 “DDos for hire” websites called “booters” as well as charging 3 people for managing the DDoS services. These booter or stresser services often use spoofed servers or botnets of infected servers to generate massive attacks that can cripple websites. A booter is a online DDoS tool that grants access to powerful DDoS attacks to less tech savvy customers for a fraction of the cost of operating their own.
    The governments of the world has shown over the past 2 years that they plan on cracking down on booter services and if you want to continue using these services you should get yourself a VPN fast!

    Why VPN’s Are So Important

    VPN’s are so important that now many DDoS-for-hire services require users to protect them from hackers and the government. VPN’s allow you to stay anonymous online which can make it difficult for anyone who is trying to track you down. When you use a VPN all the data is secured and encrypted keeping prying eyes from seeing the sites you visit as well as keeping your identity hidden to the sites owners. Booter sites are notorious for being hacked and their databases leaked along with all your personal information. Hiding your ip address with a VPN is a no-brainer when using sites in legal grey areas.

    Best VPN for Booter

    We receommend VPN.ac as they keep no logs, one of the cheapest VPN’s on the markets, protection with no leaks and comes with a 7day money back guarantee.

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    So lets take advantage of that and use the VPN for free for 7days. Sign up below and choose your package.

    Thanks for signing up. Now you need to remember after you signed up and made the payment. Use the VPN with a booter as much as possible to get the most out of this “free” time (7days). After the 6th day send through your cancellation of the VPN and they will forward you your refund :)You can also test your vpn encryption after connecting.

    View our list of booters online to use whilst active vpn running.

    In Conclusion

    2019 is turning out to be a year that will redefine the internet. With laws such as Article 13 and the UK’s attempts at political censorship having a VPN has never been a wiser decision even if your web activities are completely benign. As a good friend once said “Don’t give ’em a reason”, use a VPN.