By allowing your Playstation/xbox traffic to go through a VPN you can easily negate DOS/DDOS attacks , unlock media services and play competitively in a different country.Below we are going to route our traffic through a VPN that works great for any console but first we will take a look as to reasons why we would like to achieve such a feat.

Stopping DDOS attacks

Nowadays we can boot up a dedicated network with CMD that will route through your PS/Xbox and simply trace the oppositions IP. Once you have obtained the IP you can go ahead to any free booter and perform a 5/10GB stress test. This will cause the opposition to drop his internet connection and results in an automatic win.  Here’s a nice tutorial on kicking players offline. So next time before you enter a tournament online remember to connect to your VPN.

Unlock Media Services

if you reside in a country that has restricted content libraries, or just restrictions to services themselves (some services like HBO Go and Hulu are only available in the United States) you’re missing out on some great streaming. While routing your console through a VPN you can simply choose a geo location within the US and gain full access to all titles.

Steps to take to allow traffic to router through your console

We recommend NordVPN as they keep no logs, one of the cheapest VPN’s on the markets, protection with no leaks and comes with a 30day money back guarantee.

Top VPN for Xbox Gamers

Now open up CMD on any Windows machine – if you are not sure what CMD is, click on your windows button and search CMD.

A black terminal will popup. Now type in the following command:

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=YourWifiNameOfChoice key=YourPasswordOfChoice

Fill in your specific details at “ssid” and the “key” section > Hit enter.

Basically, you made a new connection which you will be connecting on from your Xbox or PS4.

Now, type in the following command to start the connection:

netsh wlan start hostednetwork

After you hit enter, your newly created connection is ready.

Go onto your Xbox / PS4 and search for the given network you just created and fill in your specific password.


Once connected, you are safe from hackers and script kiddies trying to dos your IP.

Also read how players kick you offline so next time you can be prepared

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