Using network monitoring tools we are able to sniff and pull IP addresses from every connection on your device. Today we will recommend and learn more about the best IP puller for Xbox to locate, track and know more about a XBOX player’s details.

To understand how a packet sniffer works, you need to first understand that data travels through a network in the form of packets. In packet-switched networks, the data to be transmitted is broken down into several packets. These packets are reassembled once all the data packets reach their intended destination.

When a packet sniffer is installed in the network, the sniffer intercepts the network traffic and captures the raw data packets. Subsequently, the captured data packet is analyzed by the packet sniffing software and presented to the operator in a user-friendly format.

Xbox IP Puller (TOP 5)

1. Lanc Remastered

ip puller ps4

Download Lanc Remastered or the latest version PCPS IP Puller

2. Xbox Resolver

xbox resolver

Download Xbox Resolver. This has changed to Xresolver

3. Octosniff

octosniff ps4 ip puller

Download Octosniff

4. PSN Resolver

xbox resolver

Download PSN Resolver (Works on Xbox)

5. Console Sniffer

consolesniffer ip sniffer

Download ConsoleSniffer


The best Xbox IP puller goes to Lanc Remastered hands down, due to its ease of use and effectively pulling IP’s without any hassles.You can view our tutorial here on how to pull and trace with lanc remastered.

Now that you know how to pull IP addresses it’s time to use one of our IP booters to boot people offline.

Xbox One Booter