Boot someone offline on Xbox is quite simple and can prove to be a lot of fun for some Gamers. Here at Xbox One Booter we will demonstrate how to perform such attacks, whats required and which platforms we recommend serves us best.

Using a few windows tools we can pull and grab IP addresses from Xbox players and gamer hosting servers. By sending an attack to their IP, we can successfully boot them offline and win automatically.

Let’s see what we will need to accomplish our goal.

How to Boot someone offline on Xbox

1.Grab and pull Xbox IP addresses

boot someone offline

Get an IP Puller here or use our recommended IP Puller for Xbox.

Demo – Lanc Remastered – Xbox IP Puller

2. Sign up for Booter Service

boot people offline

Sign up at one our recommended booters here and watch the video on the next step.

3. Boot people offline

boot someone offline on ps4

Send your layer 4 attack and pwn your target.

Demo- How to Boot people offline

4. Get yourself Protection


boot someone offline on xbox

Block XBOX booting attacks by connecting to a VPN.

Xbox One Booter