Free Booters Online ( Updated March 2020 )

Security Tips before Using any IP Booter online or offline

Whenever you connect to a website or use a booter against someone or a company your IP address will be leaked and displayed on the server logs. The only way to protect and stay anonymous as possible is by using a VPN before using any booters.

If they (CIA, Hackers, NSA, or any government intelligence company) traced back an attack to a website that you used online they can disclose your IP Address and thus will reveal your home location and possibly charge you for cybercrime.

We recommend you to use one of the VPN’s gamers use today to stay secure and gain full anonymity!


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Booters to download and use manually

Loic – Low orbit ion cannon dos tool

Slowloris – Low bandwith dos tool

Pyddoz – Powerfull Layer 7 dos tool

Xerxes – Best Dos Tool of 2019



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Android Booter

Kick Players offline using android device


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