Getting Xbox Games Cheaper using Gift Cards

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1. Buy Xbox Live Gift Card

Gift cards are zoned. For example, if you want to buy a game on Canadian store, you must purchase a gift card in Canadian dollars (CAD), for Argentina an ARS card, Turkey a TRY card, South Africa a ZAR card etc.

It’s no longer possible to purchase foreign gift cards on the official Microsoft website (after their update). We have added different third party marketplaces to purchase gift cards with ease.

Here’s a list of all the countries and marketplaces available with gift cards. Simply click on either link under available cards and make your purchase through them.

2. Get a VPN to change location

After purchasing your gift card. Get yourself a VPN to fool the location of your PC/laptop. Get a 75% discount on joining our partnered VPN here.

After downloading their VPN tool. Click on the Country of which you are goint to buy the game from.

3. Get your game on Foreign Store

What you should know is that your wallet are specific to each store (country). If you credit 100 Canadian dollars (CAD) to your account. You can’t buy games on a store other than Canada with the $100 CAD.

Access our game page on XGC and navigate to your preferred game or in-game currency. At the bottom you will see the current prices on the official Microsoft stores.

The store with the best deal will always be on the left. Simply click on the link and you will be redirected to that country’s Microsoft store.

For this article, we’ll use fortnite v bucks (works on in-game currency and games) that’s currently running the best deal in South Africa. Click on the button to buy the game. (You need to be logged in to your Microsoft account and your VPN should be connected to the country running the special)

If you don’t have a payment method on this store, click on the button to add a new payment method.

Then, click on the link “Redeem a gift card”, which is accompanied by a icon representing a gift package.

Insert your gift card, which you will be credited to your account!

Now you can buy the game with your balance and save massively using this technique.

Ready for Savings? View latest games, purchase gift cards or check out the F.A.Q!

F.A.Q - Frequently Asked Questions

When games get released and distributed, you normally know by now, more or less, the price in your Country. 

The trick here is that when converting currencies, its not the same cost as released in your country.

This is how we will exploit restricted location based prices and use xbox gift cards to get the best value for any upcoming game on the country’s official Microsoft store.

Now Pre-ordering just became much cheaper!

Lets use US and South Africa as an example …..  Star wars Jedi Fallen Deluxe Edition (releases November 15)  will cost you $69.99 in the US and R1099 in South Africa. (go check for yourself if you don’t believe me)

By buying it through XGC,  it will now cost you $42.15 and R616,15 respectively. That’s a whopping $27,51 and R482.85 savings! Now think about it, that’s only for one game.

An average gamer usually purchases 10 – 14 games a year. if we average on savings per game between 10 to 30 dollars, you could save up to $320 a year. In other words, basically 5/6 games worth of savings per year!

Addition to this, the trick also works for Xbox live gold and in-game currencies!

Time to stack-up your game library with Xbox Gift Cards!

We’ve been using this method for over 2 years now and saved about $1200 ! and yes we do play a lot of games, its a lifestyle 🙂

As long as gift cards, private servers and virtual bank cards exists, then YES it will!

In order to get your discounted price you will need your PC/laptop, xbox gift cards and use a VPN to connect to the country that’s running the special.

We have partnered up with a VPN provider for you to get a cheaper deal (75% discount included!) with packages ranging from $10 to $100.

Now you might be thinking that I can’t spend that much on a VPN and still need to buy a game, this will almost cost the same amount as buying it at your local game shop.

This is where you have to think long term. Buying the 2/3 year VPN will cost you about $100. This includes a 30-day money back guarantee with the VPN provider.

Lets use the average gamer & savings stats again. Buying 10 – 14 games a year and save $10 – $30 per game. Savings a year will be around $280, multiply that by 2/3 years = $560/$840 in total!

Subtract the VPN cost for 2/3 years subscription and you are left with $460 and $740 SAVINGS in 2 to 3 years respectively. And this is only for the average gamer, but you see where I’m going with this.

If you’re not one of those gamers to opt for that many games a year, go for a 1 month / 3 months subscription and you will still save, however, not as much compared to long term deals.

If that’s not a bargain then what is??

Our Game Page will only display around 7 – 10 games with some of them being the most anticipated and others, being the best deals around the world.

That doesn’t mean we can’t get a special price and that’s why we have made a “request game” page for you to submit a request on a game we’re not displaying and still get a better deal! Don’t be shy….. ANY GAME!

Check out our xbox tricks and hacks section. If you purchased the VPN through us that will enable you to boot players offline and get more discounts as well.

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