IP Booter for PS4 and Xbox

    Due to popular demand we have listed free IP booters and a tutorial to kick users offline on your PS4 / Xbox.

    You might have stumbled upon this article in dire need to win a game online or perhaps just to get “revenge” on a player. Look no further as we will guide you with step by step instructions on doing so.

    Firstly we need to get our VPN and then an ip booter. Choose from the below list.

    Top VPN for Gamers

    Free IP Booter (no sign up)

    Free sites to use online with no registration required – Check our list here


    Strong IP Booter  ( Requires sign up or fee )





    IP Booter Tools to use manually

    Loic – Low orbit ion cannon dos tool

    Slowloris – Low bandwith dos tool

    PyDDoz – Powerful layer 7 Dos tool


    Now that we are ready to use our desired booter from the list above, we need to setup our connection to detect the opponents IP address to boot.

    Follow our guide HERE on “how to kick users offline on ps4 and xbox” as you will need to download the required tools for the next steps.

    Once you have downloaded and set up the necessary programs in our guide you will automatically win the game.

    If you would like to block such attacks or to make sure your opponent won’t be able to perform a dos – read here