PyDDoZ is a powerful, human-friendly DDoS tool using application layer (L7) attack techniques. It has nice logging, proxifying, automated bots requests, randomizing data, multiple HTTP request methods, and many other features! Apply load/stress tests to your web application in various ways easily.


  • Activation of bots: In addition to standard requests, they will also hit and crawl the target URL.
  • Timeout: Maximum waiting time request to be responded. Recommended value is higher than 5.
  • Threads: Number of threads to involve the attack. Large number of threads could lead connection and system errors!
  • Sleeping time between threads (seconds): 0 to non-wait, or you can give floating number such as 0.25, 0.5, or 0.87 etc.
  • Retries after failure: You can force requests to retry again.
  • Proxy: After selecting this option, fresh and live proxies will be fetched and used randomly! No need to enter proxies manually.
  • Allowing redirections: If target responds with 302 or 301 code, you may allow redirections, but most of the time not required.


$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt


$ git clone
$ cd pyddoz
$ python3


PyDDoZ provides an interactive shell for users.

Or give just one URL.

  • Select one of the request method. POST and PUT require data to post!
    After selecting POST or PUT, you can randomize the data for every request!

For instance, username=admin&query=hello will be sent as username=[RANDOMSTR]&query=[RANDOMSTR]

RANDOMSTR could be any random string that was generated at backstage. You can determine maximum length of the random generated string.

Argument Parsing

If you like to use in argument mode rather than interactive mode, take a look at the parameters.

$ python3 -h

usage: [-h] -u U [-m {g,p,u,h,o,d}] [-d D] [-r {y,n}] [-mr MR]
                 [-b {y,n}] [-ob {y,n}] [-t T] [-th TH] [-s S] [-re RE]
                 [-p {y,n}] [-rd {y,n}]

PyDDoZ Argument Parser v1.0.0

optional arguments:
  -h, --help        show this help message and exit
  -u U              URL
  -m {g,p,u,h,o,d}  GET, POST, PUT, HEAD, OPTIONS, DELETE? [G/P/U/H/O/D]
  -d D              Post or Put Data
  -r {y,n}          Randomize Data
  -mr MR            Max Random Character
  -b {y,n}          Activate Bots
  -ob {y,n}         Only Bots
  -t T              Timeout
  -th TH            Threads
  -s S              Sleep Time Between Threads
  -re RE            Retries
  -p {y,n}          Proxy
  -rd {y,n}         Redirection

Download PYDDOZ

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